Insurance for a car you don’t drive?

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According to the Insurance Code, all land motor vehicles must be insured. Including vehicles remaining in the garage. It is therefore compulsory to take out car insurance – at least one third – for your car that you don’t drive. This for several reasons:

  • A vehicle, even in the garage, can be the object of damage such as a storm or fire.
  • A car in this situation can also cause damage to third parties, for example, if it catches fire.

Sometimes you may need to take it out of the garage for some reason. In this case, simply getting behind the wheel can potentially lead to a crash or collision.

In the same way, if your car is parked in a parking lot, it can just as easily be damaged by another vehicle.

It can also be stolen or vandalized.

Which insurance for a car you don’t drive?

The basic third-party insurance is recommended for a vehicle that is not driven.

For your car that you don’t drive, you can choose between several car insurance formulas:

  • Third-party.
  • Extended third party.
  • All risks.

Formulas called special parking and immobilized cars.

1. Third-party car insurance

This is the mandatory minimum to insure your immobilized car. You are thus covered for civil liability if your vehicle damages property belonging to third parties. For example, following a fire on your car, part of the garage next door is damaged, as well as the vehicle is housed. Without insurance, you would have to pay the full cost.

Third-party insurance is advisable if your car is really old and of little value. Since your insurer will not reimburse you in the event of a claim. It only intervenes if third parties are affected and compensate them.


2. Extended third-party car insurance

This type of insurance can be useful for an immobilized vehicle that has some value. The extended third party may include cover such as glass breakage, fire or theft, and vandalism as well as natural disasters. This type of coverage is most interesting for a car that remains in the garage. Since it can be damaged by a storm, fire, or be the object of theft or damage. Your insurer will reimburse you for all or part of the damage, depending on the severity of the damage and the deductible chosen.

On the other hand, there is no need to take out breakdown assistance or bodily injury cover for the driver, since the vehicle does not have to leave the garage.

3. All-risk car insurance

For an immobilized vehicle, this all-risk car insurance plan is rarely useful. Very covering, it generally guarantees all damages that may occur to a vehicle. Generally quite expensive, it proves to be useless in the case of a car that remains in the garage. Except if it is very expensive and/or the immobilization is very short.


Special car parking insurance

The special car insurance for parking or immobilized cars provides tailor-made cover for vehicles that remain in the garage. Only some insurers offer this insurance outside of traffic. It allows you to pay the right price for your car insurance while benefiting from a complete coverage adapted to the risks that a car that stays in the garage may encounter.

How do I buy car insurance for a car you don’t drive?

Has your car just been immobilized? Several choices are available to you to insure it in the best conditions:

Maintain your current insurance by modifying your plan and removing coverage that is no longer necessary. All you have to do is reactivate them when you want to drive your car again.

Switch insurers to find custom-tailored off-road coverage or take advantage of more advantageous rates.

Car insurance cost for a car you don’t drive?

This type of car insurance is very affordable. For a few dozen dollars per month, you can find third-party car insurance. For the other formulas, it will be necessary to put a little more expensive, but do not hesitate to make play the competition to find the best rates. It also depends on the level of deductible car insurance chosen, the type of vehicle insured, but also on your driver profile and your bonus-malus.

The best way to lower prices is to be able to find the car insurance that offers very flexible coverage. This way, you only take out what you need.


Car insurance payment when you drive?

There is one way to avoid paying for auto insurance for your immobilized vehicle. Your car must be unfit for traffic. To do this, you must remove the wheels or lift the vehicle with spark plugs, remove the carburetor and the battery. Be careful, however, there is always a risk of damage to third party property. Even in this case, taking out third-party insurance can be a good way to protect yourself against this kind of mishap.