Health insurance for a hunting dog?

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Do you practice hunting during your leisure time? Do you have a hunting dog participating in this activity? Do you know that this practice exposes your companion to risks not necessarily known to his other congeners? So don’t minimize the adaptation of his health insurance to his special needs. So let’s talk about dog health insurance.

The health of hunting dogs

Whether you’ve selected him from breeds known to have a natural predisposition for hunting or not? Your hunting dog is special from a health point of view. In addition to the illnesses and minor ailments typically found in all canines, he is indeed exposed to certain more specific risks.

The veterinarians underline in particular that these animals are subjected to an exceptional solicitation of their osteoarticular, muscular and cardiac systems, during the sustained efforts required during the games. All the organs and tissues concerned are then the subject of more frequent consultations, through occasional injury or wear and tear.

Also, frequent contact with wildlife species implies a higher incidence of contamination by agents responsible for diseases that are difficult to treat. These include tularemia, Lyme disease, and leptospirosis. Not forgetting the dreaded form of viral encephalitis, rabies. Pack dogs involved in hunting wild boar present, for their part, risks of developing pseudo-rabies or Aujeszky’s disease, which always evolves towards a fatal outcome.

Which dog health insurance to choose?

Faced with the disparity and seriousness of the health risks incurred by your hunting dog, taking out a good dog insurance policy is a good thing to do.

Although mutual health insurance is optional, as opposed to the compulsory civil liability insurance for hunting dogs, the estimate of the costs you could potentially pay at the vet’s is a sufficient argument to push you to find one. Needless to say, the higher the level of coverage, the better, given the wide range of reasons why you may need to have your pet seen. With a comprehensive plan, your pet will not only be covered for all its laboratory, care, and consultation costs.

It will also make it easier for you to deal with the cost of preventive acts such as vaccination, which certainly should not be minimized for this type of dog. Besides, to keep it in good condition to exercise over the seasons, it is in the owner’s best interest to have a check-up from time to time.

Note that the type of health problems mentioned in hunting dogs may force you to resort to particularly expensive veterinary specialties. With sessional fees of around $50-80, osteopathy can quickly become very expensive. The same goes for physiotherapy.

What criteria should I take for my dog’s health insurance?

Given the multitude of offers on the market, the choice of health insurance for your hunting dog must be made based on precise criteria. Don’t lose sight of the objective of the outing: to have a care solution that is as effective as possible.

This means taking into account the specificities of your animal’s condition and selecting an offer that you can pay the right price while providing targeted responses for each scenario. Of course, look at the general conditions of application of the cover included in your contract and be even more vigilant when it comes to the wording of the special conditions, or even the exclusions applied.

Take a particular interest in reading the contract before signing it, if any waiting period is provided for. Choose a policy that does not include such a waiting period so that you can immediately enjoy the effects of your dog’s insurance.

Inform yourself clearly about the time it takes to be reimbursed and especially about the ceilings applied to the amount of these yearly reimbursements.

With these elements, it will be easier for you to select a mutual insurance company that meets all your requirements. Do not hesitate to use insurance comparators for dogs to save time and find references that have a good quality of service/cost.