Dog and cat insurance : what is the difference ?

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As a pet enthusiast, your household is no exception to the rule of sheltering a dog and a cat at the same time. While insurance providers are offering more and more policies about dog and cat insurance. Some cases will justify each animal having its own insurance. How does a specific policy for dogs differ from one for cats?

A question of guarantees

The main difference between cat insurance and a dog insurance policy is the physiological and behavioral peculiarities of the two animals. Although they are among the most frequently adopted pets by families, each has its own instincts that predispose it to certain risks more than others. This is the first explanation of the nuances that you will necessarily find in the coverages included in a dog policy and a cat policy. For example, a cover against falling accidents is more justified for a cat and will seem superfluous for a dog, which, for its part, has a greater risk of biting a third party or causing material damage.

A runaway guarantee may also be more relevant for canines than for felines bred in apartments. Considering more specifically health risk insurance, animals are also differently housed depending on their age and breed. Some breeds of dogs, such as Chihuahuas, are highly susceptible to problems that may require surgery, the incidence of which is anecdotal in felines. Besides, the assessment of the animal’s age may differ slightly, resulting in necessary variations on specific conditions such as the waiting period, or the amount of the deductible.

What about dog and cat insurance?

Pragmatic, you appreciate 2-in-1 solutions and prefer to opt for the dog and cat insurance? Keep an eye on the content of the insurance contract that is offered to you. In particular, you will take into account 4 parameters to best compare the possibilities of the market. It is not only a question of looking for the most economical policies but also of questioning the reactivity of the service provider in the implementation of the included guarantees.

Ask yourself if they provide sufficient coverage and if you have a modulation option, the only condition for your pet – dog or cat – to obtain coverage adapted to its nature. In any case, the dog and cat insurance provider allows you to choose between different formulas. Some cover all the consultations and veterinary procedures that may be required for your pet. Others will help you out only in the event of an accident.


What are the points of caution?

If you use a dog and cat insurance policy to cover your dog, check that his breed is on the often restrictive list of providers offering this type of policy. To be sure, there’s nothing like an insurance simulation that allows you to assess the level of reimbursement you can claim according to the chosen formula. In all cases – 2-in-1 policy, cat insurance, or dog insurance – make sure you understand the conditions under which the proposed guarantees apply. In particular, note whether a certain deductible must be paid by you, or whether you have to wait for a waiting period before you are covered. If the policy includes a loss or death benefit, make sure you understand the conditions under which it can be used and what costs are covered.