10 Tips for Renegotiating Your car Insurance

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More than ever, car insurance occupies an important place in the French budget. However, there are solutions to more or less reduce the final score. After doing some research, we offer no less than 10 tips for renegotiating your car insurance contract. These 10 tips are simple to implement and can even be combined. And you, will you save money?

Who can renegotiate their car insurance contract?

Everyone! So don’t deprive yourself of it. You can change your car insurance free of charge, but only if you take the right steps. But without going that far, you can negotiate your current car insurance contract directly with your insurer.

You can explain the arguments in this article. Above all, your profile will be decisive. Have you been insured at the same place for more than 10 years? Have you not had an accident for a very long time? Are your premiums always paid on time? Then everything is fine, you are in the best possible position.

And if not, you can always negotiate, it doesn’t cost anything to try. In any case, there are some tips, presented here, that will help you pay less. Are you ready?

1. Change your car insurance contract

You don’t like paperwork (I understand you) and you haven’t changed your contract since you bought your vehicle 9 years ago? Then it’s time to save some money!

If you are on an all-risk formula and your car has lost value because of its number of years, its condition, or you no longer like it as much, then you can switch to a third-party formula or even an intermediary.

The result is considerable savings of up to 50%. However, be careful not to underinsure yourself, because don’t forget that in the case of a third party (or intermediary) formula, if you are responsible for an accident, the damage caused to your vehicle will not be insured. But those of the victims will be. Generally speaking, if your car is of little value, ask yourself the question.

2. Competing with the competition

In a second step, ask for quotes from other insurers. Make sure that the coverages offered are at least equal or even superior, and present them to your insurer. He should offer to match them himself.

If not, ask him to do so and he will do it quickly. Don’t hesitate to repeat the operation every time you find a better offer. This will save you money.

3. Be regular

It’s a basic principle: never try to defraud your insurer. If you do, you risk a lot, including significant premium surcharges, or even the impossibility of insuring yourself again.

Fraud often seems “insipid”, yet it is against the law. This is especially the case for insurance as a second driver. Never insure yourself as a second driver if you are not the main driver. If you are investigated (which is common), you will pay dearly and your savings will disappear.

Similarly, when it comes to paying your premium, never fail to pay – it’s grounds for cancellation. It is then difficult and more expensive to reinsure yourself after a cancellation. Respect the rules, you will be better able to negotiate.

4. Car insurance per kilometer

Driving less reduces the risk of accidents, so it makes sense to pay less. If you drive very little, less than 5,000 kilometers a year, you’ll save money by taking out this type of contract.

Depending on the company, the mileage threshold that makes you a “small” driver can vary from a single to double. Don’t hesitate to ask your insurer for more information. Generally speaking, these formulas are more valid, with savings of up to 20%.

5. Pay at once

While the annual car insurance premium may seem high, it may be tempting to make the monthly withdrawal to make the bill more digestible. This is a bad idea!

In fact, by paying monthly, an amount between 1 and 3 dollars will be added to each payment. Over the year, the extra cost can exceed thirty euros.

If possible, it is, therefore, preferable to pay your insurance premium in one lump sum, it is more profitable although rather indigestible. But you will be free of this expense for a whole year.


6. Increase your deductible car insurance

Would you like to pay less each month? There’s a solution for you: increase your deductible. But what does that mean in practice?

The deductible is the amount you will have to pay in the event of an at-fault accident if your vehicle is damaged. The higher the deductible, the less you will have to pay each month. But in the event of an accident, the bill will be a painful one…

Discuss this with your insurer, who will help you decide on the best compromise between reducing your monthly payments (a little) and protecting yourself in the event of an accident.


7. Compare offers

Want to see what the competition has to offer? Then don’t hesitate. This will allow you to either renegotiate your current insurance or find a cheaper one.

In most cases, you’ll find lower rates with the same guarantees. The Hyperassur car insurance comparator simply puts these different players in parallel to help you find the best offer.

But before you change establishments, you should cancel your policy in due form, as this will save you a lot of inconveniences, such as having to pay the full premium! The letter with acknowledgment of receipt is essential.


8. Take the head

There are several tips to save money on your car insurance. For example, some companies offer their users the opportunity to take driving courses under difficult conditions. They allow you to see risk situations and sometimes give you a discount on your insurance.

If you can, let your car sleep in a garage. The savings will be very real rather than if you choose a public car park. Moreover, it is preferable to have only one driver per contract. Secondary drivers increase the rate. If there are two of you and you have two vehicles, having only one driver for each one will be more financially advantageous.

Finally, several insurers have understood the interest of dashcams. These cameras, very widespread in Russia in particular, make it possible to film the road and to save dangerous moments. In exchange for such a device, some insurers give you a small discount.


9. Get your contracts back

Estimate with your insurer to include your home insurance policy. Why not include your home insurance policy? With several contracts with the same insurer, you can start serious negotiations.

You can then benefit from a discount on your car contract as well as your home or apartment contract.

10. Dare!

Last tip from our top 10: dare to talk to your insurer to open negotiations. Present your arguments and remind them that you are free to change insurers if their offer is not competitive enough.

As with any contract, it is possible to negotiate, as long as your arguments hold up and you don’t ask for the moon. Be bold!

10 tips for renegotiating your car insurance

In the end, it’s not impossible to renegotiate the amount of your car insurance. You need to make the right arguments and always compare them with what the competition is offering. Don’t hesitate to opt for various safety features that can lower the bill. Finally, if the negotiations don’t work out, you may need to change your insurance after comparing other brands.